Turn Future Credit Card Sales Receivables into Cash Today

A merchant cash advance is a financial service that enables a business to receive a cash advance for estimated future credit card sales.

The term "merchant cash advance" may be used to describe purchases of future credit card sales receivables that enable a business to receive short-term business loans.

The merchant cash advance is typically used for business purposes such as purchasing inventory, upgrading equipment, renovations, advertising or just meeting a cash flow short fall.

The amount of the business cash advance proceeds are usually based on the volume of credit card processing the business produces on a monthly basis, and can average from 100% to 150% of a month's volume. For example, a business with $50,000 per month in credit card processing that needs a cash advance, would qualify for $50,000 or more with the full advance to be repaid over an agreed amount of time. Repayments are derived or collected from credit card sales at a rate of about 10%-20% per month until paid in full. The great thing about Merchant Cash Advance is that there are no fixed payments; youíll never be charged interest on the debt Ė youíll only ever repay the sum thatís agreed on upfront, and not a dollar more (unless penalties are incurred). Another great thing itís that it is not a loan, but more like a form of receivable factoring.

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