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money is a restricted resource.



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Unsecured loans are available for legal purposes in U.S.A. Canada & U.K.



SMART-BENEFITS.COM represents the ICA Network. The acronym stands for the "Internet Customer Acquisition Network."

We know one of the major obstacles for any business to grow rapidly and successfully is lack of funding...

We have now solved that problem.

As far as we can determine, the ICA Network is the only company in the United States that can offer an unsecured line of credit that means no collateral required! And get this, with a minimum credit score of just 620!

Less than that (and pardon our humor) any applicant that has less than a 620 credit score is very close to living in a cardboard box. In other words, the banks that the ICA Network works with are extremely liberal in their approval process.

You know there are a lot of hypes and scams out there on the Internet, but the proof is in the eating of the pudding, because...

There is no application fee!

Upon submitting a signature unsecured loan application, which is very simple to do, a bank official will contact you for the pertinent data they require. You will be giving that information securely to authorize bank personnel only and not some strange being on the net. This is very secure, very safe, and an unparalleled opportunity for an easy line of credit.

Anyone can apply for any purpose at a $25,000 minimum up to $150,000 maximum.

These unsecured loans are available to individuals for any legal purpose in only these countries:


U.S.A.   Canada   U.K.

Zero interest the first year. Let's make this crystal clear: Any amount that you borrow can be paid back the first year with absolutely no interest whatsoever. After that you pay only 6% to 9% interest dependent upon your credit worthiness. It's just like borrowing money for an automobile purchase. The stronger your credit history the lower interest rate you pay ...same here.

The approved amount does not have to be accessed all at once. It is also revolving, which means as you pay it off the new balance is always available. Once your unsecured loan has been approved you can access it by credit card or by check, and you'll work these details out with the bank, and then when you need money, it's there for you, and you only pay back what you borrow.

For example, if you are approved the full $150,000 maximum, and only need $10,000, that's what you pay back, the rest sits there at your disposal.

Smart business people know the smart value of having working capital available to them instantly. This signature loan program will give you exactly that flexibility.

If you have had a bankruptcy that has not been discharged for at least seven years, your loan will need to be applied for in a partner or spouse's name. A minor problem but easy to solve by putting the loan in a trusted person's name.

You may not realize this, perhaps you don't even think about it very often, but if you have credit card debt that you have been carrying for any period of time, check the interest rate that you are paying. There is a good chance it's extremely high, way higher than the 6-9% interest rate this open line of credit offers you.

Speaking of credit cards, get this: If you have high credit card debt that throws your income to debt ratio out of whack, the ICA Network has made special and exclusive arrangements for you to have your credit card reduced or paid off to the extent required for your loan approval. You may search the world and you will not find that kind of flexibility anywhere ever, but we have it and the ICA Network can do it.

Here is what we need from you... 

We need an email sent to:


1.) Your subject line must say: "Signature Loan"
2.) Your full legal name
3.) Your legal address
4.) A daytime and evening phone number

Do not send any other personal information. That is strictly between you and the bank.

PLEASE NOTE: Your email address will be held strictly confidential and never shared with any one.
PERIOD! We will not spam you with additional offers. If you ever want more resources, solutions or strategies, contact us. 

You will be contacted within just a few days or sooner by a representative of the bank, and they will get the ball rolling.

This is an awesome program, a unique program, and an exclusive program available only from the Internet Customer Acquisition Network.

Your go to place for resources, solutions & strategies.


* There is a funding fee paid only upon approval which can be paid from the approved amount, with no interest for the first year on any sum borrowed against your credit line, then 6-9% depending upon the credit worthiness as determined by the issuing bank. Full loan disclosure is made at time of approval by the bank selected by the ICA Network and all are equal opportunity lenders fully licensed in the United States.


Q:   Who will contact me?
A:   Your information will not be rented or sold and is held strictly confidential. You will be contacted by one licensed bank official.
Q:   How old do you have to be?
A:   You must be at least 18.
Q:   Do I have to pay any money up front?
A:   There is no application fee. It will cost you nothing to find out how much you qualify for.
Q:   How much money do I need to make?
A:   You must have some reliable source of income or a net worth sufficient to re-pay your loan approval amount.
Q:   What if I have more questions?
A:   Your licensed bank official can help you with all your questions. We at SMART-BENEFITS.COM are not licensed to engage with you in detailed confidential information and can NOT & will NOT respond to any questions.

All questions are between you and the bank.