Working the ICAN GoMerchant™
Account service is NOT a job
it's a business!

As an independent Associate Partner of SMART-BENEFITS.COM, you'll call merchants to offer the ability to accept credit cards on their website, over the phone, and in their places of business.

100% Acceptance is guaranteed! Plus, $1,000 if We Can't Meet or Beat Their Best Merchant Account Deal!

Many small businesses have trouble gaining acceptance to their own merchant account. Not any more! That's where ICAN GoMerchant™ comes in!

ICAN GoMerchant™ GUARANTEES acceptance so that merchants can start accepting credit card payments either in their store, on their website, or even over the phone!

All sites are accepted except amoral sites.

Plus, ICAN GoMerchant™ promises to meet or beat your BEST merchant account deal! If that fail, they'll PAY the Merchant $1,000!

There's no risk, and the Merchant pays nothing to get started. This is a no brainer!

Here's how it works:

Have the Merchant fill out the simple application.

Then, ICAN GoMerchant™ will review your client's application and contact them right away to complete the account setup process. You will not have to program equipment or perform any technical tasks. Just have the application faxed into the office.

It's that easy.

The Merchant already have a merchant account? No problem... Just have them apply to find out how much they can save!

The Merchant already has equipment? No problem... They can keep it and use it seamlessly with the ICAN GoMerchant™ program!

If the Merchant doesn't have equipment? No problem! The ICAN GoMerchant™ program will set the Merchant up completely!

ICAN GoMerchant™ program can even set your client up with Loyalty and Gift Cards! Just have them indicate it on the application!

Easy and Fast!

The ICAN GoMerchant™ Merchant Account service is hands down the easiest way to make on going residual income. Oh! And your territory is any English speaking country on the globe!

As an independent Associate Partner you can make serious money when you sell merchant services. You are paid a minimum of 15 percent on every transaction made by each of your clients. While not everyone makes over six figures in their first year – the top performers and best do. If you work smart only 4 hours a day, calling on 20 businesses a day, you WILL bring on one new client every day. Over the month you will average 20 deals per month. If you average $25-$50 per account – which is very possible – you will build your residual by $500-$1000 per month. At the end of 12 months this will mean a recurring residual stream of between $38,500 and $75,000!

Join us now and the first thing you'll receive will be a complete an e-marketing website, a back office to have access to free training webinars, videos, audio recordings and several proven strategies to ensure your success.

To apply online, please complete our representative application.







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